Eyes With Wings – Reviews

What do you see and cannot see in you? And in others? What is there where you are not, where you don’t live? How many different girls and boys do you know? Do you think that all live the same way, that all think the same over the same things?

In this book you will find different girls and boys of the Country. It traverses the spaces, the opinions, the thoughts, the dreams and the stories behind each page. Till where do your eyes reach?
The world can be seen in different ways and life can be lived in many others. This is an invitation to meet other children of your own country, girls and boys that are too far or too near of you. What do you share with them? What makes you different? Together, you and them are all of us.

Ojos con Alas is the fruit of the tour that the photographer Moy Volcovich made during more that seven years, to see and listen to the voice of girls and boys of many parts of Mexico. ¿What do you see and cannot see of you in the others?

- Miriam Martinez Garza. National Coordinator of Cultural Childs Development