La Lotería de la Condesa – Reviews

«…La Lotería de la Condesa is a work that is made with discipline, with affection, with love, with ingenuity, and is presented in an excellent manner.

-Lourdes Almeida
A game can be a tribute to the life of a man: to those who surrounded him since childhood, to those who conform his neighborhood memories, of wandering through the space of the urban sprawl where he happened to live, to the world of real, tangible characters, to those that still carry out the same roles that gave shape to the series “Lotería de la Condesa”. As for the neighborhood, its people are today arranged in Mexican style Lottery boards: there are found the street vendor and the newspaper salesman, the actress and the writer, the drunkard and the tire repairer, extracted from their natural world to attend a studio session and to stay there, in the neighborhood, in a Lottery that belongs to them as characters.

-Revista Cuartoscuro
To unravel the memories of our Condesa neighborhood is not an easy task. Those of us, who were born and live in it, love it, yet to transmit the “why” of that feeling is something separate. How to forget the strolls that I set forth on when I was a girl, holding hands with my grandfather, the writer Alfonso Reyes, the matinees of the Lido Cinema, or the meals in the Napoleon Restaurant? The Condesa neighborhood keeps the charm of long gone times. Moy, thank you for your book, where you will wake more than one person to the nostalgia, or you will make them enjoy that singular environment.

-Dr. Alicia Reyes