Moy Volcovich was born in Mexico City in 1963. His works have appeared in over thirty solo and collective exhibits around the world including; Binyanei Hauma and The Khan Theater in Jerusalem, Israel; Museo de la Ciudad de México, Centro de la Imagen, National Art Museum, Papalote Museo del Niño, Museo de Memoria y Tolerancia,  in Mexico City; The Koffler Centre of the Arts and the Toronto Metro Hall in Toronto, Canada; The National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, USA; and The Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, USA.

In addition, Moy has published 15 books including: Lotería de la Condesa, A Week in the life of CDI, Mexican Synagogues, After the Boots of Oblivion, Celebrating 100 Years of Associated Hebrew Schools, I Kept my Promise (Gerda Freiberg), To be a Child Mexico, Eyes with Wings, Religion and Freedom in the Children of Mexico.
 With over 30 years of photography experience, Moy Volcovich is a dreamer with a camera on his shoulder, graphic journalist of society. He has been consistently recognized for his award winning books that focus on children from around the globe.
 Currently living in Toronto, Moy and his wife Mery have raised a beautiful family of 3 children.

As a passionate, and devoted graphic designer, Mery has dedicated her life to the profession. Since 1992 she has worked for various companies both in Mexico and Canada and at the same time has engaged herself in free-lance work. Mery is co-founder and creative director of Volcovich Photography. Her refined visual skills continue to fully enrich the company’s projects.