Religion and Freedom in the Children of Mexico – Reviews

I am a dreamer with a camera, a graphic chronicler of society. A proud Mexican that always tries to portray the beauty of our Country. The anecdotes around this book are many, but those that remain photographed in my heart are the multi-colored corners of our Mexico, the impregnated friendliness in the personality of the Mexican, and the singularity of each child, but above all, the faith that still resides in them.

The Ministry of Population, Migration, and Religious Matters, contacted me to create this work: Religion y Libertad en los Niños de México, with the purpose of commemorating the Bicentennial of Mexico.

The project was an ambitious one: a distinct book that would express the religious diversity of Mexico and the freedom of belief, seen through the eyes of the children. It didn’t expect to be an anthropologic study, but simply to capture the innocent glances and the simple answers –more profound than what we can imagine- of the children of varied Mexican ethnic groups.

The company, perspective, and professionalism of my son Gabriel provided the project of new vision and strength. At his short 16 years, he was my main support since the planning, recording of interviews, production, edition, and all the actions that lead to the completion of this work.