Synagogues of Mexico – Reviews

In Mexico, the history of the synagogues is a recent one. A history that narrates the fruitful relationship between two peoples, the immigrant and the embracer, to finally integrate itself in the pursuit of a national collective. The synagogues tell us about the difficult beginnings and the will for integration; they talk about community consolidation and its progress; about growth and generational renewal, as well as the emancipation and acceptance of stylistic universal canons.

The synagogue evokes the memories of the pioneers that are transmitted to the new generations, almost always in an oral form. Now, in this book, the stories behind the Mexican synagogues are collected. Of the social conditions and the passage of life in them, of the symbolism of their elements and their architecture.
Arq. Sara Topelson de Grinberg

The photography offers us a parallel reading of the texts. The talent of Moy Volcovich reveals us a countless amount of images that illustrate and guide the reader through a gallery of spaces and objects that reflect the intense activity of its producers in different parts of Mexico.

In short, the reader has in his hands an exemplary work, thought out and structured with “good pen”, and a method that contributes to us a chapter not much studied in Mexico: that of the synagogues and the spirit that illuminates them.

-Guillermo Tovar de Teresa, Ancient Chronicler of Mexico City