To Be a Child Again – Reviews

Childhood is much more that a stage in life. Childhood is much more than a memory. Childhood is an unrepeatable state of the soul. Moy Volcovich invites us in a journey filled with splendid images and words that catch, all to capture that childhood.

The Country parades in fantastic images that without a single drop of color manage to capture that stage. There, is the challenge that the photographer set out. Moy conducts us not only in the hunting for individualities but for a shared world. Its not then about a region of Mexico, nor a socio-demographic study, regardless of the information that the book provides. Moy invites us to use the reasoning of the adults to understand childhood.

In Moy Volcovich there is a double approximation: on one hand he is a hunter photographer, like the ones that exercise photojournalism, on the other Moy also confronts his prey. They look at the camera; nothing is hidden, like in the great contemporary portraits in which the portrayed has to assume the camera.

We are thus, before a human being that not only masters the technique of the shutter, but in addition possesses the warmth to open hearts.

The book is a cordial invitation and requires us to learn to look like kids do, to understand life like they do, and, even more challenging, to recover rationally and emotionally a part of our lives. It’s a book for adults, for those who yearn childhood, for those who have it near today, for those who haven’t frequent it in a long time, for all of those who enjoy the intellectual and esthetic challenge of its capture.

-Federico Reyes Heroles